Friday, October 12, 2007

trials and ways of the world

Finally Friday is here and the week has gone slow.
It rained quite a bit and on the television the news said this morning that there was a weather warning for Sydney and I expected hailstones like in Lismore.
So with trepedation I ran down the street to meet Gaby and Isabella and with Joaquin in the pram and the sky so grey and angry we walked down to the beach to meet the other mothers.
It did not rain until much later and we all had lunch together inside the pub, all the mums and their babies. I had a hamburger even though my mother tells me not to eat meat that has been processed together to form a patty that is not cooked properly. But I ate it anyway and felt a bit guilty. The other mums had fish or pasta or chicken schnitzel.
I fed him and he fell asleep on me so I could eat the chips while talking to the other mothers and I felt some relief.
It really is grown up the atmosphere, the pub, but no one drinks beer or wine, though I did see some mothers from another group with older babies drinking away wine and beer.
Gaby and I stayed until the rain ended and then packed our babies up in their prams and we both placed our rain water gear over the prams to avoid raindrops on our babies.
We walked home and parted ways on our street, I walked up the street and stoped at the corner shop and bought some chocolate (how decadent) and placed some letters that I had to post in the post box. He was asleep by that time and I do not blame him, it was nice and warm in the pram covered in plastic wet weather gear. By the time I got up the hill the rain had started and i got him out of the pram and had to wake him and walked down the steps home. I left the pram on the street and then went back to get it.
He waited for me patiently and when i got in i made a cup of tea, I killed a few cockroaches and sat down to have some tea and chocolate.

Then I fed him and changed his nappy and wrapped him and placed him in the cot. I waited and waited for him to sleep, but he just kept moving and unwrapping himself and grunting and making noises and i went into my bed to wait for him to sleep and he did not sleep. What happened then I do not know but while I was waiting for him to sleep I ended up sleeping for 10 min. When I woke up he was still grunting so I gathered he had not slept. So i put his music on again and then decided to wrap him and I went out of the room and turned the baby monitor on to hear him and he cried for 1 min not solid crying but protest cries and 2 minutes later he was asleep. So here I am waiting for Jas to come home from work and letting him sleep a little bit. Late but better late than never.

While i wait the upstairs neighbors make so much noise, I still consider them to be elephants stomping back and forth, screaming and causing havoc. I don't know how Joaquin stays sleeping through the noise, outside the wind is still howling.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

4 month vaccinations

Today I took the little munchkin to the doctors for his 4 month vaccinations. He watched the doctor prepare the injections and did not take his eyes of her. He did not want to breast feed and was a bit upset. I finally got him to feed and the doctor jabbed him in his leg and he cried when she pulled out the needle. He cried poor little thing. I tried to comfort him and then I swapped sides and he tried to feed and she jabbed him again. He cried again when she pulled the needle out. He was very upset but it only lasted a few minutes. I was so hot in the doctors office. I had the doctor measure him and weigh him.
He is 69.5 centimeters which means he is off the charts.
He weighs 6.73 kgs with clothes on. Which is average.
His head circumference is 43cm, which is average.
She called him Mr. average, but he is a long baby.
On the way home he was very calm in the baby bjorn. I bought some olive sourdough bread and came home to Jas who had worked from home.
I fed him some more and changed his nappy and then made lunch for Jas and I. Some salmons sandwiches and carrot and corn salad.
I then got myself ready to go to the Uni to do some work.
Jas got Joaquin ready to take him for a car ride. He was quite happy but very hot from the heat.
In the end I did some work at the uni and got a lift home with a colleague. Jas sent me sms telling me the little munchkin had gone to sleep without much fuss and was very well behaved and had fed him up well. It made me feel so happy.
I think overall it is good for me to get away to do some work and do grown up things while Jas looks after our little son and plays with him and is a dad.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Joaquin and afternoon sleeps

It is 3pm and just got the little munchkin to sleep in his cot during the day. He cried when I wrapped him but i had tried to whine him down before hand but he was already tired and upset.
Lets see how long this afternoon sleep lasts.
He cried and protested for about 10 min and then made some more protest sounds and fell asleep. I can't believe it I made a cup of tea like Jason said and then went to check on him as it was very quite and he was asleep. Great!
Jas has been putting him to sleep like this for a week or so and it has been working fine. His sleep lasts about 1 hour and a half nearly two. Wow if it lasts so long for me I do not know what I will do in that time. I am trying to finish a paper and start with some bandicoot fossils.
There is so much noise around the house with the upstairs elephant kids thumping around and building machinery outside. But he is still asleep.
My friend came to visit with her little 18 month old and he was walking around playing with everything, he actually played with the speaker pushing it and instead of it falling backwards it fell on him bruising him on the forehead. He got a little cut and a big bump. I hope he gets better.

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