Sunday, October 12, 2008

Puppet show with Joaquin

Joaquin is saying a lot of new words
He tries to say uno dos tres.
So he is learning spanish.I think he misses his dad alot and says Da da and wants his daddy to appear.
Jason, who is in Sydney misses him terribly too.
i think joaquin needs to see his dad
We went to a puppet show at 4pm at the Melipan yesterday. I really enjoyed it and so did Joaquin and my mum.
The show was called El Becado and was about a young clown that won a scholarship to a magic school. The teacher of the magic school was an old witch who ended up teaching him a few things and ending up finding love. There was scary part where the demon of dance starts to move and yell and blow fire, Joaquin was scared but watched the whole play from beginning to end.
He made friends with some of the little girls who had gone to see the play and when they called out his name he walked to them and hugged one of them.
Afterwards we went to the local Irish Pub, had a picada, Joaquin had some fritas and un tostado de queso y tomate. He loved being out and sitting in the booths eating, drinking out of glasses and watching the people practice tango.

He loves going out and playing in the garden, throwing rocks in the creek.

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