Tuesday, December 12, 2006

15 weeks pregnant

I have not written for a while.

Nuchal translucency and first pre-natal appointment
I got my nuchal translucency scan done a few weeks ago (12 weeks and a half) and it was a bit scary as they found a fibroid and the sonographer did not know what it was and had to call the doctor in.
I was even worried at first that they would not find a baby. But there it was a little bundle of human frailty It measured 7.5cm at 12 weeks four days. However this was later changed by the doctor based on the size, and so the age of the baby was changed to 13 weeks and 3 days. So now instead of being due on the 10th of June 2007 I am due 4th June 2007.
The baby is on my right hand side and was very energetic. There is a largish fibroid on my left hand side and I hope this does not interfere with the baby's growth or movement in the future. I was not really able to enjoy seeing the baby, as I worried a lot when I was probed and prodded by the sonographer trying to figure out what the large mass was near or on my uterus. The doctor said to me it is most likely a uterine fibroid and they will monitor it to see if it grows or not. She said that it was in a good position and if one is ever to get a fibroid in the uterus then the best place to get it is where mine is. But that really did not re-assure me much.
I also went to have my first pre-natal appointment at the hospital and I felt happy with the midwives and how caring they were.

How a pregnant woman feels:
I am now feeling better, the nausea has subsided a lot and I am eating much better. My weight is still low 63-64 kg and maybe now i will begin to put on a bit, not that I want to. My stomach is growing though.

I am not really into meat at the moment. I have been eating gherkins from the Czech Republic and Jarlsburg cheese with hot English mustard on bread. I have been having custard and breakfast is always the same wheatbix cereals.

So now I am 15 weeks. Another thing that has been happening is that I have insomnia at night and wake up at around 3am and go to the toilet then can not get back to sleep until 4am or 4.30am and have to sleep with a pillow between my legs facing left.
I have also began to feel more emotional and this all happened after the 12th week.

Very emotional:
During the first trimester I did not cry, I felt nauseous and sick and hated the smell of certain foods. But i never cried. Now i cry in relation to everything, in fact I am back to my normal sensitive crazy self. I can't believe I cry when I ask J to buy me some mustard like American mustard and he gets me seeded mustard. Hopefully in the future I will look back on this and laugh and apologize to everyone around me for my craziness.

My memory is 100% better:
Another weird thing is that I do feel I have a better memory at the moment and it seems facts are easier to access from my brain than previously so. I do not know if this is connected to being pregnant, or having multi-vitamins and follic acid every morning. No se.

Telling friends and family:
I have begun to tell people I am pregnant but still quite hesitant. I went to see my grandfather yesterday. He is in a nursing home and I told him, he seemed happy and said the family is now growing and extending. I hope he understands what this means. I hope it makes him happy.
I am also planning to go to a paleontological dig in January and I have told the woman in charge but not the man who is in charge, partly because I want to be sure with all my scan results, partly as I did not have time to tell him personally as he is never alone and in a rush and hardly comes to the Uni.
However I found out today one of my colleagues mentioned to him herself that I was pregnant before I got to tell him. She felt a bit bad for doing so, and I really did not worry. But later in the day it sunk in, and it made me feel really bad, and I rang J and bawled my eyes out in the corridor of the university and told him how lousy i feel. I feel a bit betrayed and robbed of something that is mine. It is my doing, this pregnancy, having a baby and so in my eyes I believe I need to tell people in my own time.

Mumbo jumbo ramblings:
Oh well I have learned from this, learned that I should not be so trusting and so nice. J does not understand why I always seem to have problems with people. I do not know why either, I am going to try to figure that one out, but for now I know this is not my doing and I have not done anything bad. I think it has to do with respect. I have done my PhD I am a doctor yet I don't have a job and I am considered a "volunteer" at the University. I am sure this makes me look bad in people's eyes. Also I am never one to prove my abilities or who I am, I don't want to show off. Oh well I need to be strong for the sake of the baby, to teach this baby what it means to be a woman and scientist in this world.
I won't cry anymore......

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Over 10 weeks foods i eat and avoid

So I am officially 10 weeks preggers.
I am still feeling quite ill and have vomited every second day in the last week or so. Before that I had nausea without vomiting and so here I want to list the symptoms one (me) gets during early pregnancy, during the first trimester.
Shock at first
Some slight pain as you change
Food Aversions
Feeling sick
Feeling tired
Feeling unattractive
Feeling bad and down
Sleeping well (as the weeks progress)
Sleeping not so well (early weeks)
Feeling so tired as if I have run a marathon or run into a brick wall

Food I like
-White foods: such as porridge, milk, yogurt, pasta with no sauce, 2 minute noodles, cheese. I even made a mayonnaise with tuna and cream cheese with egg mash to eat with crackers and it looks like a white mashy mix. I made this as I saw the recipe being made on a tv food cooking show.
Coloured foods: chocolate milk, oranges, apples, tomatoe 2 minute noodle soup, pumpkin mash, red icy poles.
As you can tell the food variety is very bland, and the coloured foods are either red or orange. It is strange.
I am craving sweet foods and have had some diet custard and chocolate cups. But i don't like straight out chocolate.
I miss going to the local restaurant in Buenos Aires and having their pumpkin mash with a juicy steak. I have not been eating much meat however. I also miss the cakes from Buenos Aires that are moist with layers of dulce de leche and cream.
See I have food cravings and addiction.

Today I had some wheatbix and bran for breakfast with half a glass of orange juice. I had my multi-vitamin with added follic acid. I was going to go to the Uni but i felt sick and just vomited a bit of my breakfast. Then I had a shredded apple like my mum used to make me when I was little and sick and last but not least I had a glass of milk with chocolate powder. It is nearly 3pm and have not eaten as much as I should or as healthy as I should.
In my fridge I have fresh pesto that my other half made yesterday, and mushroom risotto but I do not want anything savory.
Food aversions include:
anything that is garlicy
Anything with garlic ( I always cook with onion and garlic)
Most meat
Green veges such as brocoli ( I was eating a lot of brocoli previous to me getting preggers)
Thai foods
Asian foods

Friday, October 13, 2006

6 weeks

Today is Friday. It is hot in Sydney, but here in the flat I am in is quite cool.
I feel good, I am at home and listening over and over again to Regina Spektor Fidelity, I love the song.
I am approximately 6 weeks pregnant and starting my 7th week. I have so much to do today, so lets see if i can get everything done.
I thought pregnancy was meant one feel bad, But truthfully it is not too bad.
I am not hungry, but thirsty and quite tired. I don't know If i feel 100% pregnant as I feel normal, but i feel changes in me, somewhere deep, like a coming of age, a maturation and a zest for life, for new life. I do not know how to explain it, maybe this happens to other woman as well. I guess it might all be just a feeling of Happiness.

J-chico bought a camera yesterday to take photos, and he has already taken some good ones of me. Now it is my turn to take some of him.
This weekend we will go to visit his family and tell them of our news. J-chico's sister is also pregnant and her baby is due a week before mine.
It is funny how woman get pregnant at the same time, well it is Spring here in the southern hemisphere, time to procreate and reproduce just like other mammals and birds and reptiles.

Here are some links concerning pregnancy in Australia
Childbirth Education Association of Australia


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Begginings of week 6

This is my story, just thought I would write it out before it all gets lost in my crazy mind.
I am 32 years of age, I have a boyfriend J-chico (call him that for now) he is also 32 years of age. We live in the East in Sydney, it is all very poshy but the ocean is nice and we love the old fashioned art deco architecture and buildings. I grew up in Sydney's east but J-chico grew up in the country. Now he works in the city in front of a computer, we chat all the time via google talk.
Why is this blog called Patagonia Baby, well Patagonia is like my second home and baby it is time that babies were involved in my life in my boyfriends life and from now on we will have to get used to this new scenario.

So the story goes like this.....
I found out last Friday 6th October when a friend came over with a pregnancy test that I was pregnant. I did the test in the bathroom and the results came up with two red lines.
I was not expecting this at all, nor my partner J-chico (call him that for now). My friend who is a mother to a 7 month old was over the moon, she jumped up and down and cuddled me and gave me a big kiss, I on the other hand could not move and thought, this must be a mistake.

I then called J-chico up on the phone and told him we were both really in shock, lost for words, yet I had a big smile on my face. I was thinking quietly to myself this is great but it can't really be.

So today Tuesday 10th October I went to my local GP and told her the news.
She said
and made the arrangements so I can get tests done and start planning.
I went to get a blood test and urine test. I am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant and due on the 10th of June 2007.

Last night I had a dream, I dreamt I had a baby girl, she had blue eyes.

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