Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Joaquin at 11 months

Joaquin is 11 months old.
Here is a list of the things he can do:
He can eat his own toast.
He can drink water out of a sippy cup.
He can drink soda from an adult glass
He loves toast
He eats mild curries (he started that this month May)
He loves tomato based sauces with pasta and veges
He likes to watch Booh Bah
He loves watching music videos and stops what he is doing to watch them
He points at things he wants (started at 9 months)
He claps his hands when happy (started at 7 months after Argentina)
He claps his hands when others are clapping in the music class or on tv
He dances by moving up and down to music videos
He laughs
He laughs when other people are laughing (started at 9.5 months)
He waves hello and goodbye (started at 10.5 months)
He cruises along the furniture (started at 9.5 months)
He walks behind his firetruck (started at 10.5 months)
He can throw balls (started at 10 months)
He chases balls and follows them (started at 10 months)
He can pick up a spoon and put it in his mouth (started at 10 months)
He looks at objects when I point to them (started at 9 months)
He likes playing with trucks and cars (started at 8 months)
He can begin to put shapes in the shape bucket (started 10.5 months)
He can open the door to the balcony (started at 10 months)
He likes to play the drums at music class
He loves the song galump went the little green frog

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