Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday the day you went away

Jas has left on a bus to Bariloche (4 hours) and then will be flying to Buenos Aires, then to Santiago in Chile, then to Auckland in New Zealand and then to Sydney in Australia. What a long trip and I miss him terribly. I do not know how I am going to handle this time apart, I do not know how Joaquin will handle it.
I would like to write something every day about Joaquin so Jas can read it and find out what his little son has been up too.
When we got back from the bus station we were all very sad, Joaquin has been saying dadi dadi quite a bit, he waved to Jas as Jas was on the bus, and later Jason has confessed to me how upset he was as the bus left the station on the way to Bariloche.
Once at home we gave him a bottle and I put him back to sleep in his cot. He slept till 10am and then all day I spent in front of the computer waiting and watching the airports web pages the arrivals and depatures of each plane that was carrying my Jas further and further away from me.
He caught all his planes well and should be arriving at 7pm (Saturday night) Argentinian time in Sydney. We miss you Jas get home safely please!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

in patagonia with Joaquin

In Patagonia,
In Esquel, with my family.
Joaquin is asleep in the cabin, he is sleeping only one sleep a day but I think he is still very tired. He does sleep well at night, going to sleep at 9.30pm and waking up at 9am already full of beans.
He is a very funny little boy, he loves to put crayons together and likes to pile things of similar structure together.
Yesterday he was playing with the crayons on a cushion and lined them up together.
He can hold a pencil and we all saw him walking around with my mother's notebook and a pencil making notes holding the pencil in his hand as if he was taught at school, yet he is only 15 months old. He knows how to draw with crayons on paper as well.
He is eating well and still enjoys veges with tomato based sauce.
Jas and I think it is so cute how he calls Jas "Dadi" with such a strong English accent. Were does he get that from?

Monday, September 08, 2008

15 month mile stones

We are in Esquel... Patagonia visiting my parents los abuelos.
These photos were taken the other day just by the Arroyo Esquel (Esquel stream) that is 50 meters from my parents house. It has been very cold and there is a lot of snow on the mountains around Esquel.
Joaquin is nearly 15 months old, time is passing so fast.
He is walking very well nearly running.
He is also saying a few words.
As of today he can say
Dadi(for Jas)
Mumi (for me)
Tatatatata (for el abuelo y to say Los Perritos se van afuera)
nana for banana
ba for bath
Abue (for Abuela y Abuelo)
Nan for Grandma Gemma
Mia for mine (mia mia mia)
He can build a tower of more than two block
He throws out the toys of the bath when he sees me with a towel about to get him out of the bath.
He is scared of bowling balls and any bowling show on tv (We were watching a movie with Woody Harrison and bowling and an Amish bowler and he got scared and Sofovich on Argentinian tv with a bowling show and he cried when he saw the bowling ball knock over the pins.
He knows how to do high fives or dame un cinco
He shakes hands
He loves to dance
he loves to twist around and turn on one leg.
He loves to kiss himself in the mirror.
He is learning to blow kisses with his hands and also by putting a one finger to his mouth and blowing a kiss
he loves kissing mami and dadi good night.
He hands over his milk bottle when he has finished to mum or dad.
He knows how to change channels and work a remote control.

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