Sunday, January 20, 2008

Joaquins milestones in 2008

Today at lunch I saw that Joaquin's second tooth is coming out. This is his bottom right tooth.
Other milestones:
Started to clap with one hand open (left hand) and right hand in fist (last few days)
Was scared of the punching bag (Thursday 17h Jan)
Looks at the Aboriginal art poster to find the little eggs when you ask him "Adonde estan los huevitos?" (Last few weeks)
First tooth incisor left came out on 2nd January
Sits up very well
Can stand up by himself if he holds on to my hand or Jas's hands
Can play by himself for more than half an hour on the mat

Lazy Sunday asado

Today is Sunday. It is nearly 8pm and the sun is still out, it is still incredibly light out and it had rained before. It does not get dark until 11pm.
We had an asado with my family and Sebas postdoc director who is visiting El Sur from Cordoba.
We had a little lamb on the asado and chorizos with a salad made of freshly picked lettuce from my mum's garden. I also made chimichurri with fresh tomatoes, garlic, parsley, orgegano, oil and viniger. We had lunch and played some trivial pursuit. Joaquin had a little nap before lunch and only slept for 30 min and I went in to get the trivia from the cabania and he was crying in his little cot. Poor munchkin. I got him up fed him and Jas made his lunch (a small plate with lamb cut up in small pieces, fresh peas from the garden semi-mashed, small baby cubes of carrot and pumpkin mash. He ate it all. He also had some grapes (just the fleshy bit inside) and laughs so much when Seba throws the grapes into the air and tries to catch it with his mouth. He had a laughing fit yesterday in the afternoon when we were having lunch. After lunch today we tried to put him to sleep in the cot as he was so tired but he cried quite a bit and it really is draining to see this to go through this for both Jas and I. Finally I got him out of the cot breastfed him and he fell asleep and we put him in the cot to sleep. This was at 6.30pm and he is still alseep now. I think he is quite upset as his second tooth came out yesterday.
I would like to go to the park camping as we have less than a week left in Esquel. I will miss my parents my brother so much. It is terrible. I hope we will be back in September!

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