Wednesday, September 09, 2009

10 weeks

Based on my Early pregnancy Scan I am 10 weeks today. Based on the first day of my last pm cycle, I am 10 weeks on Friday.
I am at uni, feeling ok, had chicken soup for lunch with some thin noodles, but did not eat the chicken bits. Felt sick this morning at the same time I was being dropped off at Uni by Jas who was about to go shopping with Joaquin.
Jas has been sick with a very strong flu, that gave him high temps and made him stay in bed for a few days. He is feeling better today but has dull headaches, maybe the tamiflu and the antibiotics.
The Dr gave him tamiflu on Sunday after we saw her, just in case as I am pregnant and gave me a packet for safe keeping. I have been feeling more energized lately and less sick. Still tired at night, still want to sleep at 9pm. I am quite mean to Jas as I do not want cuddles or hugs or any thing that will wake me from my sleep. Then I wake at maybe 12 or 1 or 2 for toilet break and then can not get back to sleep for a long while. Then on the dot I wake at 7.30am or even if i am lucky at 8am. Joaquin also wakes at the same time as me calling "Mummy" or "Daddy" or even "Help" or "Help me". This morning he was very upset with a sore finger, and kept saying "ouch" all morning, he had a small very small cut on his index finger, we tried to put bandaids and cream and he got very upset. Jas had to put a bandaide on his finger to show Joaquin it would not hurt.

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