Sunday, October 18, 2009

15 weeks and 2 days

I was 15 weeks on Friday.
I am feeling better but have the occasional spew every now and then. I an go for a week feeling good and then it hits me in the morning, after breakfast the unpleasant feeling of something wrong in my body and then it comes up like yellow clearish liquid. Very acidic and makes my teeth feel soft as it hits them. Not very nice to think about, to write about, but all part of being pregnant.

My belly has started to pop out and I should get a photo, as I have a photo of being 15 weeks with Joaquin. It would be interesting to note the difference.
I already at times feel I have a heavy belly and it is unconfortable.
How will I be when I am ready to pop?

I am eating most foods, but am not into meats at all. I eat small meals at dinner as I feel bloated easily.
For breakfast I have 2 wheetbix and bran and some honey. No coffee or tea.
For lunch usually a sandwich sometimes a salad. In the early pregnancy end of first trimester I craved salads. Now I am not sure. I love the salads that they make at the University. But i am not sure if I should even eat them. I also had a cooked tuna and avocado sushi roll on Friday. I hope that is ok.

My hormones are back with a vengance. This means I get upset easily. But not too upset. I was not upset or did not really even cry during the first semester. Now I can get upset easier over simple things, but it is not too common.

Energy Levels
My energy levels have increased dramatically in the last few weeks. From week 7 to week 12 I felt so tired and could not really walk around and just stayed on the lounge all night and was in bed by 9pm.
Now i am gradually walking, to the beach, to the park, to Joaquin's daycare, to Uni. I have more energy, it is still hard walking up hills here in Coogee.
I have more energy to cook, clean the house and look after Joaquin and do my own things.
Going to Uni Mondays and Friday trying to finish paper. Have finished application for CONICET, yeahhh, it was worse than having morning sickness for 3 months. Terrible agony for myself and my family. Glad it has been sent and is now in the hands of the CONICET people.


At the end of first semester and now I have been having weird dreams.
I had a dream that I was in bath or big pool with 2 snakes, and I knew I had to lie still so it would not bite me. In the end one did bite me on the ankle and there were 2 holes pierced into my skin like vampire bites. I had to go to hospital, I was worried about the baby, being pregnant. At first nothing happened but my leg started to indent and go bumpy and they put me on a drip. I do not know if i made it I think I was ok. Then I woke up.
I dreamt a lot in the first trimester with my grandmother Abuela Sara and sometimes with my Abuela Maida. It was nice and so real.
I dream about Jason.
I have dreamt about Joaquin.
Some are so vivid when I wake up I think they were real, and I did experience them. But now I can not remember them.

How I am feeling
I am feeling more energized and want to clean and organise my life and home.
I do not know what will happen if we will have the baby here or in Argentina.
I do not feel so attractive but got my hair dyed two weeks ago and a pedi and wax, the beautician was also pregnant due in March with her firs.
I felt really good after that pamper.
Today I am going to Mary's wedding, so I have to pamper myself a bit. Need to do a bit more washing. But my life is nearly organised.

I have Scans and appointments at the hospital in Early November, not long now. It is all going so fast this pregnancy.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

10 weeks

Based on my Early pregnancy Scan I am 10 weeks today. Based on the first day of my last pm cycle, I am 10 weeks on Friday.
I am at uni, feeling ok, had chicken soup for lunch with some thin noodles, but did not eat the chicken bits. Felt sick this morning at the same time I was being dropped off at Uni by Jas who was about to go shopping with Joaquin.
Jas has been sick with a very strong flu, that gave him high temps and made him stay in bed for a few days. He is feeling better today but has dull headaches, maybe the tamiflu and the antibiotics.
The Dr gave him tamiflu on Sunday after we saw her, just in case as I am pregnant and gave me a packet for safe keeping. I have been feeling more energized lately and less sick. Still tired at night, still want to sleep at 9pm. I am quite mean to Jas as I do not want cuddles or hugs or any thing that will wake me from my sleep. Then I wake at maybe 12 or 1 or 2 for toilet break and then can not get back to sleep for a long while. Then on the dot I wake at 7.30am or even if i am lucky at 8am. Joaquin also wakes at the same time as me calling "Mummy" or "Daddy" or even "Help" or "Help me". This morning he was very upset with a sore finger, and kept saying "ouch" all morning, he had a small very small cut on his index finger, we tried to put bandaids and cream and he got very upset. Jas had to put a bandaide on his finger to show Joaquin it would not hurt.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

6 weeks and 1 day

Joaquin is now 25 months old, he is a beautiful, kind-hearted little boy and very smart. He is always saying please mum and thanks dad. He knows a lot of words, he relates things all the time, and he has a wonderful memory even maybe photographic. He sleeps very well all night in his little Ikea bed and we are madly in love with our son. He loves going to the park with Jas these last few weeks that Jas has been at home and not at work, looking after Joaquin.
The weather has been beautiful in Sydney this last month and it is meant to be hot this weekend today and tomorrow.

So I am 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant with my second one.
This morning I woke up with a bit of a sore head and sore lower back. I hope that is not something bad.
Last night I made chicken soup for dinner and was feeling nauseous while I was making it. During dinner I had a sore head, a head ache. I really do not get head aches I wonder if this is all part of the pregnancy.
I am eating ok, Nausea started this week but I am not off foods yet just cautious of what I eat.
At uni I just have a sandwich with cream cheese and a slice of cheese, and throughout the day drink a lot of water and have a mandarin or apple and a banana.
I guess I am taking it easy but I feel overweight and bloated already.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 weeks and 6 days pregnant

It is J's 35th Bday and I did another pregnancy test and it was a bfp (big fat positive) I term that women use on the pregnancy/baby forums. I think J is convinced that we are pregnant. It is all very early days so I am a bit cautious about this. J still wants me to go to drs to confirm so I have a drs appoinment on Saturday the 1st August so we will see then. SO far only symptoms I have had is a lot of saliva in my mouth, that at times I can not sleep as it clogs my throat and I have some immsomia too.
I went to Uni today, I did not make a cake for Js bday but I think he is happy that we are going together on another little adventure.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3 weeks and 4 days

I just did a pregnancy test behind Js back and it was positive. The second red line was faint but it was there. I am 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I knew I was pregnant last week. My periods are not due till Friday 31st and J said not to do a test until Friday but I can not wait.
We just got back from the Hunter and from our six weeks holiday. It is so good to be home, having a kitchen and sleeping in a soft clean bed, and not a tent. I mean the tent was nice but the bed is nicer. I have not been able to sleep at night and have weird thought and now I know why.
I know when all this happened, when the act to conceive the baby occurred. We were in Cairns, we were in a tent, Joaquin was asleep. I had made zucchini patters with potato mash, Joaquin had eaten a few while watching Diego and Dora on the LCD screen J had set up in the car. The tv shows are fed by an ipod system, quiet brilliant, and we can change and pick what he wants to see all trip.
We also had some left over fresh oysters J had bought at lunch, that we ate for lunch along with prawns. A very very yummy prawn sandwich. I did not have oysters and zucchini fritters, but J did and was quiet hyped. He talked to the guy staying in the camp-trailer who was heading up north on a fishing trip. He told the guy who was from Western Australia all the facts about fishing up north and catching bronze whalers. We had just been back from the north and heading south. Our 4-wheel drive was covered in red dust and was still red after J had washed it and vacuumed it at the car wash up the road.
Anyway that is the night it all happened, I had gone for a run at 7am. Left the tent and ran up the road to the hills behind the caravan park and felt really good all day.
Anyway from Cairns to Kurramine to Airlie Beach to 1770 to Bribie Island and Surfers Paradise I knew I was not feeling just right. I have been running in the mornings trying to train to City to Surf but I have been feeling bloated and can not sleep at night.
The first day of my lmp was Friday 3rd July, that makes the estimated birth date at 9 April 2010.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joaquin is 18 months

He is 18 months and had his vaccinations last Thursday (chickenpox). He was very brave and only cried after he saw the injection go into his arm, then he was fine after the nurse began to blow bubbles.
He is a very good little boy, very intelligent.
He understands when I speak to him in Spanish and when Jas speaks to him in English.
He understands when I tell him to put the placemats on the table in Spanish. He grabs them from my hand and puts them on the table one by one.
When he uses something he then puts it back. This happened yesterday he played with the brooms on the balcony and then when it was milk time before his afternoon sleep he saw the milk and then put the two brooms back to where he got them then ran to me to get his milk.
I love him so and can not believe this little one came from me.

Words he knows now
toast (he says toassht)
moon (he says mooooan)
shoes (he says shooos)
perro (he barks softly)
gato (he mioews so beautifully)
horse (he clickity clacks)
today I heard him say mooo for cow in a book
pulpo (he says the pulpo for octopus)
puppy (he says so cutely poopy)
wombat (he knows what it is and brought us the wombat book last night when we asked him to say wombat, he says bomba)
agua (he says this word)
avion (he says this word)
camion (he says this word)
beer (he says this word)
tea (he says this word)
thomas (he says this word)
henry (from thomas the tank engine)
bird (he says berd)
mesa (he understands)
pera (for wait espera)
sentate (he understands and sits back down)
shakes his head for no
head forward for yes

Saturday, December 06, 2008

At the beach with Joaquin

We went to the beach this morning, it was very hot and by the time we had stopped at Clovelly shops to get a cafe and papers it was already 11 and the hottest part of the day.
The water was beautiful though and cooled us off immediately.
Joaquin was scared at first but loved it afterwards and could not get the smile of his face. He also played in the sand with his dadi.

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