Monday, March 03, 2008

very tired, up all night

Joaquin is nearly 9 months old and I am nearly 34 (in a few days time). Time is really zipping past as the cliche dictates.
I am so tired as he woke up at 12.45am crying unhysterically and I could not feed him as he was crying and sobbing. Finally i talked to him and calmed him down walking around the room and he fed. He was even smiling and jas had to hold him while I went to the toilet.
Then he woke up at 5am and I fed him and I put him back to sleep and all i heard was the jingle and rattle of blanky bear and no peep from him. At 6.30am Jas alarm went off, and I still not had gotten back to sleep and I got up with him and made some coffee and breakfast and I had a shower and at 7.15am in the middle of breaky, he starts crying again and so i got him out of his cot and breastfed him again. I put some bonjela on his two top incisors. I am not sure why he is out of sorts, I think he may be hungry as last week he was off his veges and now may be hungry, and it is all because of the two upper incisors that came out last week (Monday 25th Feb one came out, and soon shortly after I think on Wednesday or Thursday the second one came through). He vomited his food twice last week, on Monday and Wednesday. We don't know if it was because he chocked and had a reflex or due to teething.
We bought Annabel Karmel book on food for babies and toddlers so maybe that will help me get inspired and feed him different things. Last night had baby pasta with zucchini, broccoli, salmon from a can, white sauce and small amount of shredded parmasan. He loved it, then a whole can of baby custard (banana and chocolate. We had some dulce de batata con chocolate for desert that we bought from Norton St Deli in Bondi Junction, for only 3 dollars and cents. Good price, very cheap.
Ok back to bed

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