Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things Joaquin likes to do at 12 months

Things that Joaquin likes to do
He likes to play with the computer mouse.
He loves to put the keys in the lock and started to try to do this at 8 months after seeing us open the door with keys. He loves to play with keys.
He loves playing with dad and putting little toys in dad's mouth so then Jas spits them out.
He loves playing in the shower.
He loves his bath and playing with the plastic shower head.
He plays with the animal magnets on the fridge.
He loves the book "There is a possum in the house" and turns the pages always turning the page so he can examine the front of the book.

He likes walking with the firetruck

He loves being held while watching one of us cook in the kitchen, and watches intensely as each activity is undertaken when cooking
He likes putting his hands in glasses with water
He loves the broom, and crawls really fast to the kitchen when he hears one of us sweeping
He loves pressing buttons
He loves playing with the phone
He likes to play with cars

He likes to put things through holes
He loves playing with objects that have cords on them
He tries to operate the microwave
He loves to watch music videos and sits there to watch it
He likes music a lot
He likes to watch Dougie in Disguise, Play school, Booh Bah, Wiggles and learn (from The Wiggles)
He loves trying to take my glasses off and tries to put them back on
He waves a lot
He waves when it is time to go to sleep
He laughs at silly noises

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