Sunday, August 03, 2008

super woman supermum

I wish I was able to write well, elegantly, even eloquently, without spelling errors and more than anything to tell my story in a short easy entertaining way. Well it probably ain't going to happen any time soon, so I will stick with the way I know, and hopefully one day if i have time I can do a creative writing class. Something I was thinking about doing.
Anyway instead of writing well, I am trying to be a better mother everyday and trying to do paleontology but that is not working out too well being a mother and all, looking after a growing 13 month old, nearly 14 month old.
It is very hard, maybe I am not as passionate. I do like paleontology and looking at bones and teeth and learning something new everyday but I have no one really to help me look after Joaquin when I am at uni.
I did take him to family day care but after last week I am taking him out of there.
I do have a friend that comes over on Friday to help but somehow I stay at home with her and hang out instead of going to the uni or sitting on the computer to do work. I am hopeless. But I love my little son who is walking now, more than 10 steps at a time. He is growing up, and I know he would be proud to know I did paleontology while looking after him.
But It is so hard.
Like Alicia Keys sings so beautifully in her song I am a superwoman

Just a bit of venting here when I should be in bed waiting for the little man to wake up and in the arms of my Jas.

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