Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Joaquin at the beach

We are back in Sydney and Joaquin loves being with his dada.
I am still trying to talk to him in Spanish but every now and then talk to him in English. he was deeply immersed in spanish when we were in Argentina so I have to continue talking to him so he understands spanish and my spanish accent.
He does understand me I think.
He still says Agua, and avion. He says si and noooo.
He is now saying
for Bob the Builder when he looks at his bob the builder socks, and he is so infatuated with Thomas the Tank engine and says
in a very musical sweet way when he sees Thomas the tank engine on tv or in his book.
I have been taking him down to the beach and park in the afternoon and on Monday we saw whales I think Humpback whales down at the beach swimming south for the summer to Antarctica. There were a lot of seagulls out at sea and probably a lot of fish around. I could not believe there were whales out there and I followed them around the headlands to the park at the top of South Coogee. I wish I had binoculars with me.
There is even a whale festival here in Sydney.
This is from here so one can recognize the whales by their blows

Joaquin also loves looking at the moon and saying Luna.
yesterday at the park he played on the slippery dip by himself going down it by himself and climbing up it by himself (without shoes is so much easier thanks to our natural grip on our feet). He also let me swing him on the swing and he was on the swing for about 10 min while I spoke to the other mums from my mothers group. He normally is scared of the swings and does not want to go on them.
we are teaching him to go to sleep by himself (well he knew how to do this but while in Argentina we began to rock him and sing to him and pat him to sleep). Now we (Jas and I) are trying to let him fall asleep in his cot by himself like he did when he was less than a year old. Well last night we did the usual bed time rituals, milk, teeth brushing then hugs and kisses and Jas put him in his cot and left him there while we waited in the other room. He cried for 30 seconds and there was silence and i think he fell asleep shortly afterward. Phewwww what a relief, we had a bucket on standby as at times in the past he makes himself vomit when he is left alone to cry it out. I think he is learning again how good it is to go to sleep and to try to sleep by yourself. He is now 17 months and looks older than the other bubs. He is still very tall. Yesterday he was playing with a little boy at the park (a 10 year old boy) and we were all watching him, and the boy picked him up and walked over to some other mothers and said "Is he yours". We all laughed and then I went over to him and said "He is mine, thanks". How sweet!

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