Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joaquin is 18 months

He is 18 months and had his vaccinations last Thursday (chickenpox). He was very brave and only cried after he saw the injection go into his arm, then he was fine after the nurse began to blow bubbles.
He is a very good little boy, very intelligent.
He understands when I speak to him in Spanish and when Jas speaks to him in English.
He understands when I tell him to put the placemats on the table in Spanish. He grabs them from my hand and puts them on the table one by one.
When he uses something he then puts it back. This happened yesterday he played with the brooms on the balcony and then when it was milk time before his afternoon sleep he saw the milk and then put the two brooms back to where he got them then ran to me to get his milk.
I love him so and can not believe this little one came from me.

Words he knows now
toast (he says toassht)
moon (he says mooooan)
shoes (he says shooos)
perro (he barks softly)
gato (he mioews so beautifully)
horse (he clickity clacks)
today I heard him say mooo for cow in a book
pulpo (he says the pulpo for octopus)
puppy (he says so cutely poopy)
wombat (he knows what it is and brought us the wombat book last night when we asked him to say wombat, he says bomba)
agua (he says this word)
avion (he says this word)
camion (he says this word)
beer (he says this word)
tea (he says this word)
thomas (he says this word)
henry (from thomas the tank engine)
bird (he says berd)
mesa (he understands)
pera (for wait espera)
sentate (he understands and sits back down)
shakes his head for no
head forward for yes

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