Saturday, August 15, 2009

6 weeks and 1 day

Joaquin is now 25 months old, he is a beautiful, kind-hearted little boy and very smart. He is always saying please mum and thanks dad. He knows a lot of words, he relates things all the time, and he has a wonderful memory even maybe photographic. He sleeps very well all night in his little Ikea bed and we are madly in love with our son. He loves going to the park with Jas these last few weeks that Jas has been at home and not at work, looking after Joaquin.
The weather has been beautiful in Sydney this last month and it is meant to be hot this weekend today and tomorrow.

So I am 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant with my second one.
This morning I woke up with a bit of a sore head and sore lower back. I hope that is not something bad.
Last night I made chicken soup for dinner and was feeling nauseous while I was making it. During dinner I had a sore head, a head ache. I really do not get head aches I wonder if this is all part of the pregnancy.
I am eating ok, Nausea started this week but I am not off foods yet just cautious of what I eat.
At uni I just have a sandwich with cream cheese and a slice of cheese, and throughout the day drink a lot of water and have a mandarin or apple and a banana.
I guess I am taking it easy but I feel overweight and bloated already.

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