Sunday, October 18, 2009

15 weeks and 2 days

I was 15 weeks on Friday.
I am feeling better but have the occasional spew every now and then. I an go for a week feeling good and then it hits me in the morning, after breakfast the unpleasant feeling of something wrong in my body and then it comes up like yellow clearish liquid. Very acidic and makes my teeth feel soft as it hits them. Not very nice to think about, to write about, but all part of being pregnant.

My belly has started to pop out and I should get a photo, as I have a photo of being 15 weeks with Joaquin. It would be interesting to note the difference.
I already at times feel I have a heavy belly and it is unconfortable.
How will I be when I am ready to pop?

I am eating most foods, but am not into meats at all. I eat small meals at dinner as I feel bloated easily.
For breakfast I have 2 wheetbix and bran and some honey. No coffee or tea.
For lunch usually a sandwich sometimes a salad. In the early pregnancy end of first trimester I craved salads. Now I am not sure. I love the salads that they make at the University. But i am not sure if I should even eat them. I also had a cooked tuna and avocado sushi roll on Friday. I hope that is ok.

My hormones are back with a vengance. This means I get upset easily. But not too upset. I was not upset or did not really even cry during the first semester. Now I can get upset easier over simple things, but it is not too common.

Energy Levels
My energy levels have increased dramatically in the last few weeks. From week 7 to week 12 I felt so tired and could not really walk around and just stayed on the lounge all night and was in bed by 9pm.
Now i am gradually walking, to the beach, to the park, to Joaquin's daycare, to Uni. I have more energy, it is still hard walking up hills here in Coogee.
I have more energy to cook, clean the house and look after Joaquin and do my own things.
Going to Uni Mondays and Friday trying to finish paper. Have finished application for CONICET, yeahhh, it was worse than having morning sickness for 3 months. Terrible agony for myself and my family. Glad it has been sent and is now in the hands of the CONICET people.


At the end of first semester and now I have been having weird dreams.
I had a dream that I was in bath or big pool with 2 snakes, and I knew I had to lie still so it would not bite me. In the end one did bite me on the ankle and there were 2 holes pierced into my skin like vampire bites. I had to go to hospital, I was worried about the baby, being pregnant. At first nothing happened but my leg started to indent and go bumpy and they put me on a drip. I do not know if i made it I think I was ok. Then I woke up.
I dreamt a lot in the first trimester with my grandmother Abuela Sara and sometimes with my Abuela Maida. It was nice and so real.
I dream about Jason.
I have dreamt about Joaquin.
Some are so vivid when I wake up I think they were real, and I did experience them. But now I can not remember them.

How I am feeling
I am feeling more energized and want to clean and organise my life and home.
I do not know what will happen if we will have the baby here or in Argentina.
I do not feel so attractive but got my hair dyed two weeks ago and a pedi and wax, the beautician was also pregnant due in March with her firs.
I felt really good after that pamper.
Today I am going to Mary's wedding, so I have to pamper myself a bit. Need to do a bit more washing. But my life is nearly organised.

I have Scans and appointments at the hospital in Early November, not long now. It is all going so fast this pregnancy.

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