Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Over 10 weeks foods i eat and avoid

So I am officially 10 weeks preggers.
I am still feeling quite ill and have vomited every second day in the last week or so. Before that I had nausea without vomiting and so here I want to list the symptoms one (me) gets during early pregnancy, during the first trimester.
Shock at first
Some slight pain as you change
Food Aversions
Feeling sick
Feeling tired
Feeling unattractive
Feeling bad and down
Sleeping well (as the weeks progress)
Sleeping not so well (early weeks)
Feeling so tired as if I have run a marathon or run into a brick wall

Food I like
-White foods: such as porridge, milk, yogurt, pasta with no sauce, 2 minute noodles, cheese. I even made a mayonnaise with tuna and cream cheese with egg mash to eat with crackers and it looks like a white mashy mix. I made this as I saw the recipe being made on a tv food cooking show.
Coloured foods: chocolate milk, oranges, apples, tomatoe 2 minute noodle soup, pumpkin mash, red icy poles.
As you can tell the food variety is very bland, and the coloured foods are either red or orange. It is strange.
I am craving sweet foods and have had some diet custard and chocolate cups. But i don't like straight out chocolate.
I miss going to the local restaurant in Buenos Aires and having their pumpkin mash with a juicy steak. I have not been eating much meat however. I also miss the cakes from Buenos Aires that are moist with layers of dulce de leche and cream.
See I have food cravings and addiction.

Today I had some wheatbix and bran for breakfast with half a glass of orange juice. I had my multi-vitamin with added follic acid. I was going to go to the Uni but i felt sick and just vomited a bit of my breakfast. Then I had a shredded apple like my mum used to make me when I was little and sick and last but not least I had a glass of milk with chocolate powder. It is nearly 3pm and have not eaten as much as I should or as healthy as I should.
In my fridge I have fresh pesto that my other half made yesterday, and mushroom risotto but I do not want anything savory.
Food aversions include:
anything that is garlicy
Anything with garlic ( I always cook with onion and garlic)
Most meat
Green veges such as brocoli ( I was eating a lot of brocoli previous to me getting preggers)
Thai foods
Asian foods

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