Friday, October 13, 2006

6 weeks

Today is Friday. It is hot in Sydney, but here in the flat I am in is quite cool.
I feel good, I am at home and listening over and over again to Regina Spektor Fidelity, I love the song.
I am approximately 6 weeks pregnant and starting my 7th week. I have so much to do today, so lets see if i can get everything done.
I thought pregnancy was meant one feel bad, But truthfully it is not too bad.
I am not hungry, but thirsty and quite tired. I don't know If i feel 100% pregnant as I feel normal, but i feel changes in me, somewhere deep, like a coming of age, a maturation and a zest for life, for new life. I do not know how to explain it, maybe this happens to other woman as well. I guess it might all be just a feeling of Happiness.

J-chico bought a camera yesterday to take photos, and he has already taken some good ones of me. Now it is my turn to take some of him.
This weekend we will go to visit his family and tell them of our news. J-chico's sister is also pregnant and her baby is due a week before mine.
It is funny how woman get pregnant at the same time, well it is Spring here in the southern hemisphere, time to procreate and reproduce just like other mammals and birds and reptiles.

Here are some links concerning pregnancy in Australia
Childbirth Education Association of Australia


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