Monday, July 16, 2007

5 week home visit

A nurse came from Early ChildhoodCenter came for a home visit. It is for his 4 week visit but he is really 5 weeks old. She is pregnant and really happy.

It was cold, wet and miserable outside. She said I am doing well as a mum with a newborn as I was not in my pyjamas but dressed. The house was cleaned and Jason was home. I had visions of a strict nurse checking up on everything, making sure we were good parents and I ws a good mother. But not so...

She just talked to me casually and told me about mothers group at the childhood center and how they meet on friday morning. She also set up the scales to weigh him and filled in my blue book.

She did all the newborn tests and he passed with flying colours.

weight 4.2kg nude (has gained 400 grams since birth weight 3.82kgs)
height 57.5cm
head circumference 39cm

Jason's mum came over at 5pm to stay a few days to help out!

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