Tuesday, July 17, 2007

increasing milk supply

Since Joaquin was born i have been worried amount my milk supply, so i have searched high and on the internet (also Jas has searched) and found a lot of information.

Tips for increasing milk supply:

How to know if you have enough milk:

How to increase supply:

Substances that increase supply:

From an Australian Breastfeeding Councilor
Worrying about supply is one of the most common concerns that mothers have.
Often, babies can seem very hungry when they are tired, overstimulated or,
in fact, hungry. If you offer feeds to your baby whenever he is willing to
have one, and you allow him to feed for as long as he wants, then it is very
likely that you will make enough milk for him. Rest and relaxation are also
very important.
Australian Breastfeeding Association

This link is great for increasing supply:

Milk supply issues:

List of what is needed to increase supply (from internet)

drink lots of water/fluids (at least 64 ozs day)

oatmeal, oats, granola, granola/oat cereal bars, oatmeal cookise (2-4 servings/day)

lots of protein, Carnation instant breakfast, ovaltine

papaya, fish soup

Mothers milk tea, Yogi nursing mothers tea

More milk plus tincture or capsules (forget to jot down amt)

pump at least every 3hrs (2 is better), for at least 20 mins (3-5 mins beyond last drops)--and YES even @ night if kiddo sleeps thru the night--plus I understand prolactin levels are highest during the night

10-10-10 method (pump 10 mins, rest 10 mins, pump 10 mins)

cluster pump (ie in the evening)

RELAX (ha ha)

get more sleep, don't lie on stomach

rent hospital grade pump

use the Ameda Purely Yours or Medela Pump in style

replace pump parts (if older may consider rent hosp grade to see if motor is dying or buy new pump)

pressure of hands free bra

if breasts large get larger horns (vice versa if small)

put olive oil on nips to keep them freely moving in horns

adjust settings to see what is most effective for you

supplements--fenugreek (3-4/3xs/day) some kiddos are sensitive to this blessed thistle, brewers yeast, alfalfa, lecithin, cumin(!)--most of these didn't list specific amts

Domeperidone (inhousepharmacy.com)

Reglan (prescription--side effect--depression)

Avoid cold meds, sudafed, anything designed to dry you up( incl diuretics), parsley, sage, oregano, black beans(!)

Avoid birth control w/ estrogen

for some women, even progestin only bc (ie mini pill & depo) can decrease supply

Tips for pumping from the internet from a pumping mum

I drive to where I need to shop, then pump in the vehicle, & sometimes pump before going home again, I pump on the way to/from church when dh can drive or in the parking lot before/after if dh can't. I have pumped in every room of the house, even on the front porch. I have pumped during dinner, while kiddos take a bath, while putting kiddos to bed, while feeding dd, on the floor playing w/ kiddos, etc. And hey, if you have to just sit and "do nothing"--like surf the net, email friends, read, etc--hey I have a legal excuse for "doing nothing"-except nurturing my kiddo.

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