Friday, August 31, 2007

12 weeks today

My little munchkin is 12 weeks today, he is growing well, smiles a lot but was very grumpy yesterday. Perhaps because he had an upset tummy.
He also has gained over 300grams in the last week yeah!!! We are trying to put on weight on him as he is long and lean! (not like mummy who is frumpy and not a Clovelly yummy mummy.
Hopefully by mid-November I will shed the unwanted kilos by the time we hit Buenos Aires and Patagonia.
I am feeing better overall. My milk supply is up, I am more confident being a mum, I even went into uni to do some work on papers that I need to finish. I just have to work harder on the papers, finish them, do more walks a week (more exercise) and then i will be very happy with myself.
Today i will be out to the mothers group and maybe lunch at the beach with a friend and her bub.
Jas is going out for drinks after work so I will bath him and put him to bed tonight on my own, wish me luck, i need it. though he has been good as of late in the moses in the cot with the music/sea toy that plays music and has moving seahorses with bubbles and lights! He watches it and nods off to sleep with little crying.
He is asleep now so i better go and do my things before he awakes, i.e. have a shower.

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