Thursday, October 04, 2007

the baby whisperer

Today has been very busy and Jason tells me he does not know how i fit everything into my day.
I slept in until 8am, then I got ready and woke him up at around 10 and fed him (second feed for the day with first feed of the day at 8am). I got ready to go down to the park to do some exercise with other mothers. There were only two other mothers and their babies, I had walked there from home so that was good exercise to start with. It was quite hot but with a cool breeze and there are already a lot of peskie flies around Sydney. Joaquin was quite content in the pram while I walked there. He looks around in the pram and just sits there buckled up and slouched.
At the park I layed him down on the mat with the other babies and he watched the trees and skies and was patient. I even put him on his tummy and played with the grass pulling some of the grass out. he then got frustrated and I put him in the pram so he could sleep but he just cried and cried and did not want to sleep. So in the end I did some exercises with him, i held him when i did some sit ups and he smiled at me, i put him on the mat while i did push ups and he cried. he was very mimoso and just wanted me to cuddle him.
In the end we all left and I was going to walk home but I called Jas and he came and picked me up.
At home I made some sandwiches for lunch and then got ready to go to the university. I had expressed some milk so Jas gave him some while I was at uni and also got him to sleep. He put him in the cot (calmed him down beforehand by talking to him and walking him around the room in his arms) then he put him in the cot and he cried for 6 min and then miracously fell asleep and slept for 2 hours with out waking. That is a milestone as it is the first time he has slept without waking for 2 hours during the day. Jason is the baby whisperer.

Then they came to pick me up and he was quite a happy chappy. I fed him at home and we bathed him and I made dinner. Then we all went to bed

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