Friday, October 05, 2007

Joaquin is 4 months today

Today Joaquin turned 4 months old (17 weeks old).
I am now at home and he has had a little sleep. He still only sleeps 20-30 minutes at a time and today he has slept once down at the pub with the mothers group, the second time in the pram when I was walking home and the third from 5.30 to 6pm. Now he on the play mat, he is a bit grumpy grabbing the hanging mobiles and the toys. He gets frustrated but he can grab things quite well now and gets frustrated when he grabs them and can not put them in his mouth.
He is wearing his dinosaur tshirt that my mother got him from Esquel that is for a 6 month old.
I went to the mothers group down at the beach and he was a bit grumpy there as well but overall he was well behaved and alert and looking at the other babies.
We mothers talked about everything from baby fat on our bodies to baby massage.

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