Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Joaquin is 13 months and a half

Today we had a wonderful day, Joaquin and I. He is feeling much better and is a happy happy boy. I had breakfast some porridge at 8am and he woke up at 9.30. A friend had called and wanted to have some breakfast at the beach. She came over and we finished dressing him and I gave him a bottle and we went down to Coogee Beach and went to Globe cafe. He was so happy to leave the house, with a big smile on his face and he was quite content to be with my friend E, at first a little clingy to me calling me Ma-ma and wanting to come to me. Then he warmed to E, which is a good sign he is feeling better.
At the cafe we both had a delicious Halomi stack (toast with poached eggs, spinach, halomi and some pesto) it was really really nice. I do not think I could make it as nice and Joaquin had some Vegemite toast. He ate most of it.

Then we went for a little walk and I walked down to his music class which is only a block away from the cafe. It was drizzling by then so we all got a little wet, and once inside the class I took of his bomber jacket and put on a hoodie.
He liked the music class, he sang, and clapped his hands, and looked at the babies, he played with the drums and shakers. He banged on the drums with the shakers and I really do think he knows what Jules the teacher is doing and tries to do some of the same things but gets carried away with all the activity around him. Other mothers and babies from my mother's group were there so it is nice.

After music class a few of the mums went to another mums house for lunch. I had brought along lunch, left over meat curry with beans and rice. He was happy to play and he ate most of his lunch while playing with the two other babies and trying to open cupboards in the kitchen.
He did not have his morning sleep so we left at around 2pm and on the way home in the pram he fell asleep. When I got home I tried to get him out of the pram without him waking to walk down the stairs but he awoke and I knew he would not go back to bed. So i tried but he did not want to go back to sleep, so we played and I started to cook for dinner. I made a chuck steak and eggplant beef stew in the crock pot. I then gave him a bottle and put him in his cot, he did not seem too tired but I knew he was and a few minutes later he was asleep. He slept from 4 to 6 and by the time he awoke Jas was home but we decided not to go running.

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