Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday in Scone

Today we stayed and played at Jas parents place.
Joaquin's cousins came over to visit and we also went to visit his other cousins.
They all live here in this small town in the Upper Hunter.
He really likes L and when she came over there was a lot of hugging going on so I manged to take some photos. Very cute indeed.

His other older girl cousin Lily, also is a bit smitten over Joaquin. We went to visit them and she pushed him around in their toy electric car and kept saying "It;s flat" as it did not have a battery.
At four pm we left and gave Joaquin a sleep and got ready to pack to go drive back home. We bathed Joaquin when he woke up and stayed for dinner. After dinner we left it was about 7pm and I was a bit anxious in getting home so late. But Jas is good at driving at night, I just think of all the kangaroos out there ready to jump on the road.
Just before 8pm we stopped at Freeman's waterhole for petrol and there was a trucked parked along side and I knew there were cattle in there. I saw a few little noses try to poke out from above the side of the truck. Immediately my heart sank for them and I feel so guilty eating beef. Joaquin was tired by then so i gave him a bottle while Jas paid for the petrol. He was whingeing and crying and the cattle seemed to be listening to him as they stopped stamping their feet in the truck. Joaquin slept from 8 onwards. I vowed not to eat beef again after seeing the cattle truck, I think it was filled with young male cattle. We finally arrived home at 10.30pm and were all very tired and I breastfed Joaquin and then he went straight to sleep.

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