Friday, December 05, 2008

18 months

Joaquin is nearly 18 months, that means he is nearly 1 year and half, where has all the time gone?
Well he certainly is gowning.
He just had one wheetbix for breakfast with milk and his bottle (approx 200mls) before that, and now I am making some Vegemite toast for him.
I stopped breastfeeding approximately 3 weeks ago (the same time my rash came). I am very obsessed with this itchy scratchy ugly rash. Luckily through the day it does not itch just looks horrible. At night at about 4am it itches and I can't sleep.
He loves to play by himself but if I sit on the ground with him and play or watch him he comes up to me and gives me lots of kisses. How beautiful!
He loves to make trains out of the plastic blocks and push them along, actually he loves trains and loves Thomas the tank engine.
He is having his 18 months chickenpox vaccination next week, I hope he will be ok.
He had some diarrhoea last night and was not happy, even though he is eating well and I gave him some boiled rice with a tomato and cheese sauce and broccoli and zucchini.

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