Thursday, December 04, 2008

Words at 18 months

Words he has learnt the last month.

moon pronounced moaon
Luna he knows it means moon but says mooan instead for moon and points to the sky
toash for toast
shower for shower
bath for bath
siiiii for yes (nods)
nooo for no (moves head side to side)
boohbah for boohbah the tv children's show
toomash for thomas the tank engine
bob for bob the builder tv show
shoosh for shoes
meow for cat
browobrow for dog
choo choo for train
tren for train
yummmm for yumm
mmmm for yum
agua for water (has known this since he was in Argentina)
mami for mami
da dad for dadi
nani for nana
poppy for poppy
abule for grandparents abuelos (he learnt that over 2 months ago in Argentina)
pan for bread
sombrero and hat, knows what they mean and touches his head
avion for plane
areoplane for plane
pish for fish
du for ducks
dotdotot (the horse gallop sound) for horse
pera for espera (wait)

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