Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday mother's group

Joaquin was clingy all day, muy mimosa. I went to B's house for mother's group and he cried every time i got out of his site, or even moved around the room. He was grabbing me and wanting me to be close all the time. In the end he started playing with the other babies as long as I was close. He did not want to eat much.
We then walked to the spot with some other mothers and B lent me her pram so I could take J in the pram. My leg is better so I was able to walk with a bit of mild pain. We went to the Ambrosio shop on the corner at the spot and all ordered Portugese chicken burgers, I ordered J some hot chips. We sat outside and I gave him some hot chips. The other mums gave their children some too but i got the impression that most of the mum's do not give their bubs hot chips or junk food. fair enough. I gave him some of my brownie that B made at her house. It was really scrumpcious and warm straight out of the oven.
He was very quite and not his usual self. Then we walked down to B's house and she drove me home, she is so nice and kind.
At home I put him down and gave him a bot and he drank most of it, i tried to feed him a cheese and avacado sandwich and some stewed apple and he did not eat much. He had his bottle and slept till after 5pm. Jas came home early.

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