Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out and about with Joaquin

We went to little Dynamos today with some of the mother's and babies from the mother's group. It is an indoor play center and cafe for kids and parents, it cost $10 for the children over 1 and parents $2. It has a safe soft play area for under 4s and a cafe close by for having a coffee or sitting around watching the older children play on the play structures.
He played on the soft under 4's section and crawled around. he liked the soft play area, played in the small pool with balls, and he loved sitting there and throwing out the balls. However he was very clingy all day and cried when I went to order lunch and left him on the high chair with B and J and their bubs.
He did have a great time apart from him crying. He even went on the slippery dip with A's friend Cynthia who works at UNSW. My leg was still sore so I did not even dare go on the slide.
I got a lift with B and he fell asleep in the car around UNSW so when we got home he was asleep but woke up when I got him out of the car. The lady who helps clean the house fortnightly was there and I told her to clean the kitchen and bathroom while I put him down. He was very tired it was already 2pm and he had woken at 9.30am.
He slept for a while for over an hour but the cleaner made some noise in the bathroom and that woke him up. I got him back down but he woke up some time later. I think he is still out of sorts due to leaving him at family day care!!!

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