Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday at home

I made a spinach and cheese pie with fetta cheese and brown rice. Joaquin had a slice of the pie and ate it with gusto as well as a mandarine.
He loves mandarines. He is not feeling himself and had a bit of fever. All the babies from my mother's group are a little sick.
We went shopping today, he went with his dad in the shopping trolley and cried when I went away. I bought some boots and then carried him around Westfield shopping center at Bondi Junction. I wanted to buy him some shoes and he has no shoes with soft soles to walk or practice getting around in. But in the end we had been at the shops for 2 hours and Joaquin had a bit of a fever, he had a warm forehead so we drove home. I gave a bread stick (grissini) in the car and sat with him the back seat, scared he would choke. He was ok and enjoyed nibbling on it with his front teeth. When he got to the end bit I took it from him and ate it, as I did not want him to stuff it in his mouth.
When we got home, Jas bathed him and I got the onions and tomatos ready to make a pizza.
Jas made pizza with his new pizza stone and it was quite delicious. Joaquin had a whole slice but I cut it up in small bite size pieces. We gave him baby panadol for his fever, he had 38 degrees C. He went to bed at 8.30pm and we stayed up watching futureama and big brother.

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